Code sprint

The primary focus of the code sprint will be on the following topics:

  1. GAP - HPC-GAP integration
  2. Towards GAP 4.9
    • work on a release check list (see this issue)
    • fix open issues, merged PRs, …
    • prepare a list of major/minor changes since GAP 4.8
    • if possible, prepare the actual release

Some ideas for secondary topics (may or may not be worked on):

  1. Data structures in GAP (providing stacks, queues, hash sets, hash maps, …; see also
  2. MatrixObj (continue work from the previous GAP Days)
  3. Documentation, Tutorials, Accessibility (talk about how to improve them, and ideally also actually do that)
  4. Website (we probably need to a completely new one; can we hire somebody to do it? what is needed? etc.)
  5. GAP - Julia integration (continue work from Oscar GAP Kickoff Coding Sprint (restricted access))

If you have any suggestions for the code sprint, please let the organisers know or create an issue on GitHub using the label “gapdays2017-fall”.

Please also look at the Wiki for details. Feel free to add pages there relevant to the workshop or code sprint.


There is now an editable list of tasks where you can see how to help and register your progress. Please contact us for the link.


There are currently no specific plans for the weekend (September 2nd & 3rd). For those staying over the weekend, access to the university will be available.