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In order to participate in this meeting, please register with us, even if you only want to join for parts of the meeting.

To register please send an email to with the following contents.

The registration will close on July 31, 2022.

Registration for GAP Days Summer 2022

Name: ...

Email: ...

Affiliation: ... (Please enter the name of your home university, 
institute etc., if any. )

Arrival date: ... (Please enter the day of arrival. We will start 
Monday, October 17, 10 am.)

Departure date: ... (Please enter the day of departure. We will 
finish Friday, October 21, afternoon.)

Reimbursements: ... (Expenses for travel and accommodations might 
be partly covered. Please give us an estimation how much support 
you will need.)

Mensa Card: Yes/No (Please indicate if you wish to have lunch at 
the university canteen. See Location for more information.)

Child Care: Yes/No (Please indicate if child care is needed. We 
will contact you individually for further details.)

Presentation: ... (If you like to give a presentation during the 
package session please state the title of your presentation.
You are welcome to offer other talks, too.)

Comments: ... (Here you can give any comments, questions, or wishes 
that you have regarding the GAP Days.)

If you have any questions regarding registration, or in general, feel free to contact us via email.