The 14th GAP Days will take place in Aachen.

Getting around Aachen

You can reach the RWTH Guesthouse


Pontdriesch 14/16
52062 Aachen

This is within 20-25 minutes walking distance from the main train station. Alternatively, you can take one of the buses from the lines 13B, 44, 74 (exit at “Driescher Gässchen”) or the lines 3A, 13A (exit at “Ponttor” ).

You can find the organizers in room 318 on floor 3.


The talks and the main part of work sessions will take place in room SeMath on the ground floor. In case someone needs a more quiet work space or a subset of us want to discuss something not everyone is interested in we have a secondary room in the same building.

The room SeMath has two blackboards and two beamers each with HDMI and VGA connections.


We had a limited number of rooms available in the RWTH Guesthouse. Unfortunately, they are all booked by now.

We otherwise suggest an online booking site like aachen.de(-> Tourismus -> Buchen -> Hotels), booking.com or similar sites.


Aachen’s Pontviertel offers various places to have lunch and dinner. Here are a few recommendations.