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Detailed schedule

The detailed schedule will be announced closer to the event. We will open with a meeting on Monday at 10am to coordinate plans for the week, and follow a pattern of “Standups” each day at around 9am in the morning, and 4pm in the afternoon to communicate what we have worked on.

We expect to close the meeting by 3pm on Friday.

Topics and projects

The overarching theme of this GAP Days will be GAP’s infrastructure for computing with permutation groups, such as orbit and stabiliser algorithms, base and strong generating sets, partition backtrack for stabiliser, normaliser, and canonical images, chief series, Sylow subgroups, Schur multipliers and cohomology, and recognition methods for permutation groups.

A more detailed program will be announced closer to the event. If you have any queries or suggestions, then please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

  1. Overview of existing Permutation Group Code in GAP

  2. Partition backtrack methods in the GAP library

  3. Recognition methods for large base groups