GAP Days Spring 2019

18th to 22nd March 2019
University of Halle

GAP Days in general

GAP Days are meetings where developers and users with GAP programming experience are invited to discuss, influence, and contribute to the future development of GAP. To streamline each meeting, the organisers usually suggest a few main topics to work on during the week.

The meetings are also suitable for advertising recent developments in GAP itself, and its packages, via short talks. However, the focus of the meetings is on development, with talks playing only a minor role. As enough GAP experts will be around for advice and technical support, the meetings offer particularly good opportunities for people to work on their own packages. At the end of the week, we would be happy to hear about any progress you made.

GAP Days Spring 2019

The theme of this GAP Days will be “Modern Permutation Group Algorithms”. During this GAP Days, we aim to survey and develop the algorithmic infrastructure for permutation groups in GAP, beginning with the basic orbit/stabiliser algorithms.

We would also like this GAP Days to be an opportunity for all interested people with little knowledge of the insides of GAP to join in: this includes students, PhD students, post-docs, and more experienced mathematicians. You will be able to meet us and each other, and learn about GAP development and algorithmic group theory in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

To support these aims, we would like to include a small number of talks about computing with permutation groups in GAP. If there is a particular topic in this area that you would like to hear a talk about, then please include details in the comment box at registration. If you would be interested in contributing such a talk, then please include your proposed title.

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Registering and visiting

GAP Days Spring 2019 will take place at the University of Halle. Information about the exact location and accommodation options can be found on the location page.


If you have questions or suggestions, then please contact the organisers by email at

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