The central topic once again will be on infrastructure. Last time we managed to overhaul the way GAP releases are made, and also the website infrastructure, which was overall a great success. This time the focus will be on the GAP package distribution. Some things we could tackle:

  1. simplifying the process for depositing packages resp. submitting them for review (for both sides, package authors and the GAP team), e.g. by automating more of it, documenting it better
  2. revive the continuous testing of GAP changes against all distributed packages (so that we notice regressions caused by changes in GAP or in packages quicker)
  3. revising the technical setup of the package distribution (were it is stored, how it gets updated, etc.)
  4. overhaul how the GAP website lists and presents the packages in the distribution

As always, participants can also work on other things, but the above will be the primary focus of the workshop.

Anyone interested in actively helping should follow the instructions on the preparation page before the start of the meeting.

Future GAP Days

I look forward to organize more “traditional” GAP Days in Summer/Fall 2022, and already got funding for hosting it in Kaiserslautern, including some money to pay for accomodation or travel. Stay tuned for news about that.

If anyone else is interested in co-organizing those, or organizing future GAP Days at your own university, feel free to contact me, we can make it happen.