Pad for the workshop

Detailed Schedule

We will have a stand-up every morning at 9:30am and every afternoon at 4:30pm to lay out the plans for the day and summarise the achievements respectively. The talks will usually take place after lunch. The titles will be announced in September.

Topics and projects

  1. GAP - Julia integration (continue work from Oscar GAP Kickoff Coding Sprint (restricted access))

  2. Towards GAP 4.10 (the stable-4.10 branch is planned for September 1st, and GAP 4.10.0 for October 1st; during the GAP days, we can finish the overview of changes in GAP 4.10, and if necessary fix any last minute regressions)

  3. libGAP (access GAP as a library, for use in SageMath, OSCAR and elsewhere; for details, please read this email by Markus Pfeiffer)

  4. Metapackages for GAP distribution (for details, read this pull request)

Further topics

The following are some topics from past GAP days, and suggestion for new things. If you’d like to revisit one of these, or some other subject, please contact the organizers. However, we would like to avoid opening up too many different topics, and instead focus on a few selected ones.

  1. Data structures in GAP (providing stacks, queues, hash sets, hash maps, …; see also
  2. MatrixObj (continue work from the previous GAP Days)
  3. Documentation, Tutorials, Accessibility (talk about how to improve them, and ideally also actually do that)
  4. Website (we probably need to a completely new one; can we hire somebody to do it? what is needed? etc.)
  5. Package manager for GAP (Dima, …)
  6. Implement make install (Max, …)
  7. … your idea here ???