The focus of the GAP Days 2015 will be on HPC-GAP and migrating GAP development to it.

Suggested discussion & coding topics:

The primary goal is to write code and documentation during this week. We will have a few short talks, but the rest of the time is reserved for code sprints.

Below is a list of suggested topics. Feel free to contact us and suggest additional ones (as long as they fit within the scope of the meeting). Please try to think about what might interest you beforehand.

  1. Document bootstrapping procedure to get started with HPC-GAP (get ward, docs etc), at least at the same level like we did for GAP and ensure everyone in the room can build it
  2. Discuss HPC-GAP TODO list: What is left to be done, (how) will we reintegrate it back with the main GAP, etc.
  3. Improve GAP Development manual, in particular the kernel chapter (source on GitHub). Correct what’s wrong; add new stuff; especially how the rules of HPC-GAP kernel programming change from the GAP ones.
  4. Fix and cleanup HPC-GAP demos from the ‘demo’ directory: combine running demos and checking that they work.
  5. Polycyclic collectors: last remaining obstacles to make GAP group-theretical code thread-safe, see here
    (Steve, Max, …).
  6. Get rid of in-place conversions in the GAP library (one has to really understand the semantics of the code to do this - it can’t be done mechanically)
  7. Refactor benchmarks and tests
    (Chris, Alex, …)
  8. Discuss package distribution, calls of LoadPackage in the GAP library etc.
  9. Cleanup ‘dev’ directory (parts may go into the ‘gap-distribution’ repository).
  10. Data structures package
    (Markus, Chris, Max, …)
  11. Migrate your package(s) to work with or even benefit from HPC-GAP

Todo-list for HPC-GAP

During the meeting we agreed on the following todo-list for HPC-GAP (aka GAP5).

Visualization of commit activity:

  1. Master branch of GAP GitHub repository during the 2nd GAP Days
  2. HPC-GAP branch of GAP GitHub repository during the 2nd GAP Days