Third GAP Days

School: Sep 14-18, 2015
Code sprint: Sep 19-23, 2015
NTNU Trondheim

The first week of the 3rd GAP Days is a school on representation theory of algebras and homological algebra in GAP. The talks will provide a general introduction to programming in GAP and an introduction to parallel programming in GAP, and introductions to the GAP-packages homalg/CAP (homological algebra and category theory in GAP) and QPA (Quivers and Path Algebras).

The school will be followed by a coding sprint to mutally integrate the GAP-packages homalg/CAP and QPA. It will end on Wednesday the 23rd at 13:00.

Registering and stay

If you would like to attend, please register. This helps us with planning the workshop. If you need financial support, please register before 1st of August.

The workshop will take place at the NTNU Trondheim. Information about the exact location and information about hotels can be found on the location page.


If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the organizers:


This workshop is supported by the Research Council of Norway, the project Clusters, combinatorics and computations in algebra.

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