Suggested discussion & coding topics:

  1. Work on a beta release of HPC-GAP
    • Stabilize the single threaded mode
    • Simplify the installation
    • Offer support for package developers who want to migrate their packages
    • Discuss future plans regarding the integration with the main development line
  2. Work on packages
    • E.g. for libsing or NormalizInterface:
      • Work towards a stable release suitable for end-users
      • Enhance the documentation and write a tutorial
      • Submit package to be deposited with the official GAP release
  3. Document and automate the GAP release process
    • Other GAP centers should be able to finalize a GAP release
    • Prepare GAP 4.8

Suggested discussion only topics:

  1. Mathematics and algorithms for GAP
    • Presentation of (new) packages by their authors
    • Missing in GAP (but badly needed)
  2. Future of GAP as (part of) a platform for constructive mathematics
    • The kernel (modularization, modernization, extensions, …)
    • Packages (submissions, refereeing process, testing, …), …
    • Providing support and modern guidelines for package development
    • Discuss possibility of a package manager?