Please look at the Wiki for details.

The focus of the GAP-Sage Math workshop will be on improving GAP-SageMath integration and interaction between our systems and between their developers. Topics may include (but will not be limited to):

If you have any suggestions for the program, please let the organisers know.

The workshop wll be preceded by a GAP coding sprint. The focus of the GAP Coding Sprint will be on converging GAP and HPC-GAP development branches. If you have any suggestions for the coding sprint, please let the organisers know or create an issue on GitHub using the label “gapdays2016”.

GAP Coding Sprint

For those who will stay for GAP-SageMath Days, there will be access to the building, as well as suggestions for exploring St Andrews and surrounding area.

GAP-SageMath Days

There will be also a Workshop on Mathematical Databases organised by the Horizon 2020 OpenDreamKit project in St Andrews on January 25th-27th, 2016. We will post a link here as soon as we will have more information.