Project results

Project descriptions and reports


Around Binder

Docker image for GAP

Jupyter kernel for GAP

GAP Package development


Goal: push further the integration of GAP’s own libgap implementation, and experiment with it from Sage, Julia, …


Python/Sage bindings

In the Cernay meeting we started exploring the use of cppyy to obtain bindings for libsemigroups. The technology looks very promissing but still on the bleeding edge: it tends to segfault due to bugs in cppyy. Bugs analyzed, reduced, and reported upstream:

With the fixes, a non trivial part of libsemigroups works now smoothly:

Notebook collection website for ODK and GAP

Current version available in Sebastian Gutsche’s try branch

Experimenting with Azure

Results of GAP Developers meeting


Discuss GAP release/development cycle